PIA members, and PIA staff on their behalf, are active in the politics that govern their communities, states and nation. As local owners of small businesses, PIA members are concerned that laws and regulations serve not just the business community, but also their neighbors who depend upon the availability of good, affordable insurance to protect the things they hold dear.

This delicate balance is the reason PIA so ardently supports regulatory modernization of insurance in a manner that preserves state regulation. Done properly, this helps to streamline regulatory processes, thus reducing burdens on business, while ensuring that insurance oversight remains close to the people, so their concerns can be heard and they can be adequately protected. PIA also supports continued efforts to ensure the ongoing and financially sound availability of insurance coverage for acts of terrorism, natural catastrophes, floods and other events.

Concerned Americans

PIA members are civic-minded, small businessmen and women who embody the spirit of entrepreneurial America and form the backbone of our society. They are leaders in their communities, providing personal attention to customers, one neighbor at a time.

Next Door Neighbors: Your Main Street Professional Insurance Agents

As independent Professional Insurance Agents, PIA’s members generally represent not one, but multiple insurance companies. This enables them to provide their local customers, both individuals and small to mid-size businesses, with a choice of coverages to meet their unique insurance needs.

Who Are PIA’s Members?

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